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Behavioral health is a traditionally marginalized piece of the healthcare system

Bridging the Gap Between Behavioral and Primary Health Care for Low-Income Patients

Rachel Wick

*This blog originally appeared in Health Affairs' Grantwatch Blog on May 16, 2015


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Stronger Together: A strengths-based leadership approach to field building

Marissa Tirona

Before joining the Foundation in January, I spent the last five years co-leading the team that... Continue reading »

Reflection Season

Peter Long, Ph.D.

This summer marks five years since I first stepped into my role as president and CEO of Blue... Continue reading »

The Strength to Rise and Remember the Fall

Nikki Uyên Đinh

Today, April 30, marks the 40th anniversary of the fall of Saigon, also called “Black April.” The day marks the retreat... Continue reading »

Creative Culture Clash: a story of Zorro, Beyonce and Domestic Violence

Lucia Corral Peña

Though I have long been an admirer of smart and talented women, I am only newly a member of the Beyonce fan club (a.k.a... Continue reading »

Recognition & Remembrance

Richard Thomason

This winter, we lost three incredible allies in the fight to improve access to healthcare for all Americans. Each one of... Continue reading »

Helping Ideas Spring Forward

Peter Long, Ph.D.

Periodically, it is important to review the fundamentals of our work to ensure that we remain true to our mission. This... Continue reading »

A Wider Lens, a Clearer Picture

Laura Blumenthal

Imagine you or a loved one is sick. Your doctor shares some treatment options – all of which are costly or come with... Continue reading »

The Process of Progress

Peter Long, Ph.D.

 “Change is the only constant in life, and it is in changing that we find purpose.” –Heraclitus

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Discovering a Healthy Conversation

Kimberly Weber

I was recently on a run with one of my best friends, whom I’ve known since we were just twelve years old. From visits to... Continue reading »

Bess Bendet, Former Director of Blue Shield Against Violence

#BetheSolution…but how?

A friend of mine recently emailed me, asking for help for a friend-of-a-friend she suspected was experiencing domestic... Continue reading »

Be the Solution

Peter Long, Ph.D.

Last week I was honored to speak at an event hosted by our grantee, Center for the Pacific Asian Family (CPAF). That same... Continue reading »

Partnering with Policymakers to Address Domestic Violence

Kimberly Weber

The Domestic Violence Select Committee is made up of California assemblymembers who are dedicated to addressing domestic... Continue reading »

Seeing Healthier Families Grow in San Diego

Kimberly Weber

In late June, I had the opportunity to visit... Continue reading »

Witnessing Coordinated Care in Action

Richard Thomason

More chest pains. Dizziness. Was I having a heart attack? After weeks of recurring chest pains, I finally broke down and... Continue reading »

Brenda Solorzano at MLK Jr. National Historic Site

The Era That Made it Possible for Us All to Have a Dream

Brenda Solórzano

I love all things 60s - the music, the history, and the social movements that took-off during that period of cultural... Continue reading »

Head and Shoulders Profile

It Takes a Village: Treating Tragedy at its Source

Rachel Wick

Hearing the recent news about the tragic shootings in Isla Vista - which took the lives of seven young people - sparked... Continue reading »

Home with American flag and tree with yellow ribbon

A New Test of Service and Sacrifice

Peter Long, Ph.D.

This Memorial Day takes on new significance as America welcomes the largest number of returning veterans since the end of... Continue reading »

Undone on Highway 101

On the way to a friend’s birthday party recently, I was on highway 101 in Sonoma County, stuck in slow-moving traffic.... Continue reading »

Lessons from Mi Abuelita

Crispin Delgado

Her chest rose and fell in sync with every beep of the machine next to her hospital bed. She lay there peacefully,... Continue reading »

Build. Test. Repeat.

I love spreadsheets.  And I mean love spreadsheets.  I even dressed up as one for Halloween.  In my view,... Continue reading »

Closing California’s Healthcare Chasm

Peter Long, Ph.D.

I’ve always told people that I grew up in Forest Hill, Maryland, in a town of less than 400 people. However, a colleague... Continue reading »

Brenda's family

Pursuing your passion; remembering your roots

Brenda Solórzano

I love summer for many reasons, but one of them may surprise you - it’s the season when I get to spend time with our... Continue reading »

Chicago-style hot dog

Thrown for a Curve

For me, the best part of going to a baseball game is, actually, not the game itself; it’s the opportunity to enjoy one of... Continue reading »

 health means everything,  is everywhere, for everyone

New Strategy, Same Mission

Peter Long, Ph.D.

We understand that creating real impact doesn’t happen by chance. So, over the past year, we worked with our Board and... Continue reading »

Princess Bride movie photo

From the ‘Cliffs of Insanity’ to ‘As you wish’

Peter Long, Ph.D.

If you have ever seen the movie The Princess Bride, you know that it is an epic adventure that has a... Continue reading »

Patients at a California Community Health Center

The Patient Is In: Listening To Low-Income Californians

Peter Long, Ph.D.

The dramatic expansions in health insurance coverage included in the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (... Continue reading »

Doctor and assistant at a California community health center

Reconsidering Primary Care: A View from a Foundation President

Peter Long, Ph.D.

Since the passage of the Affordable Care Act , there has been a persistent, urgent call to produce more primary... Continue reading »


Affordable Care Act Offers Funders Opportunities for Impact

Peter Long, Ph.D.

As we approach the holidays and the end of another year, many look to the year ahead and what it holds. For those of us... Continue reading »

The Road to the Cloud

Ok, for all you grammar geeks, I know “cloudify” isn’t a word, but today we’re going to coin a new term.... Continue reading »

2011 Annual Report Cover

Taking the Foundation Annual Report Exercise to the Next Level

Peter Long, Ph.D.

Blue Shield of California Foundation's Experience

A strange thing happened this... Continue reading »

Photo: Diving In!

Who's Ready to Dive In?

Brenda Solórzano

Have you ever taught a kid to swim? My family and I are getting ready to spend a week in Mexico with lots of pools and... Continue reading »

It's our turn to serve

It's Our Turn to Serve

Peter Long, Ph.D.

A lot can happen in a year. Twelve months ago Osama bin Laden was the most wanted man in the world and “occupy” was just... Continue reading »