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How do Survivors of Domestic Violence Define Success? 

A new report aims to address this overlooked question. Do survivors and others in the domestic violence field--practitioners, policymakers and funders--define success in the same way? Research led by the Full Frame Initiative reveals a significant disconnect between survivors' and stakeholders' undertandings of success. Findings could change how the field and other social service systems respond to the epidemic of domestic violence. Learn more.

Results of Public Poll on Domestic Violence

A recent statewide survey finds that Californians see a greater role for doctors and nurses in addressing domestic violence. Poll results show that individuals across the state recognize the important connection between health care and domestic violence, and support training health professionals to more effectively screen for abuse and support victims. Learn More

Domestic Violence and Health Care Partnerships

To achieve our mission of ending domestic violence, our funding strategy aims to bridge the divide between health care and domestic violence (DV). The implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) expands women's preventive services to include DV screening and counseling. This change creates new opportunities and incentives for domestic violence and healthcare organizations to collaborate. Learn More

Start Strong: Building Healthy Teen Relationships

Start Strong is a national program to promote healthy relationships among 11- to 14-year-olds and identify promising strategies to prevent teen dating violence. The Foundation supports two Start Strong projects in California. An evaluation of Start Strong was conducted to examine student and teacher differences over time, as well as the adoption, implementation, and sustainability of policy efforts from 2010 to 2012. Learn more

New Brochure - Insights and Impact: Preventing Violence in the Homes of Military Families

Since 2009, Blue Shield of California Foundation has supported efforts to prevent violence in the homes of military families. Through investments in research, prevention, advocacy, and cross-sector partnerships, these efforts have already made an impact in California. Read the brochure, Insights and Impacts: Preventing Violence in Military Families to learn more.

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Blue Shield Against Violence

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Changemakers – Empowering Women at the State Capitol
During a mock hearing at the State Capitol, the Foundation-funded Women’s Policy Institute fellows came together to support a bill that would help pregnant women who are victims of domestic violence. 
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