Innovation and Performance

In partnership with the Center for Care Innovations (CCI), the Foundation is developing the Safety Net Innovation Network to encourage transformation in California's healthcare safety net. The network brings together key leaders in community health, experts from other health systems, and innovators from non-health industries to spur new ideas around better care delivery, lower costs, and improved health outcomes.

The Foundation is also leading the Community Health Center Innovation Challenge, which funds community health centers to develop and test innovative projects focused on achieving what the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) coined the "Triple Aim" of optimizing health, care, and cost. By engaging IHI in this work, the Foundation is helping to guarantee that community health centers have the technical assistance they need to generate and implement organizational change.

In partnership with CCI, the Foundation supports a "train-the-trainer" Optimizing Patient Experience Program designed to improve patient experience by strengthening entire community health center care teams.

The Foundation provides Data Capacity grants to expand community health centers’ capacity to collect, analyze, and use data to monitor and improve clinical, operational, financial, and patient experience performance. These funds provide the resources needed to pilot data collection and regional data aggregation systems. The Foundation also supports efforts to consolidate and standardize performance measurement in the safety net.

Health Care & Coverage Resources

Building Better Health Care for Low-Income Californians
As underserved patients gain new choices and greater access to care under health reform, providers will face significant challenges as they seek to retain patients and offer services that are patient-centered, efficient, and highly effective. Building upon previous surveys, this report dives deeper to examine how low-income patients communication with their providers, where they’re accessing health information, and how they feel about new technologies, approaches, and models of care.

Full Report (PDF)
Executive Summary (PDF)

Empowerment and Engagement
Following-up on a 2011 survey of low-income Californians, the Foundation funded an extended report, Empowerment and Engagement Among Low-Income Californians. As more patients become eligible for coverage under health reform, the report looks at how patients can be engaged in care decisions and empowered to manage their own health. The results underscore the central role of information and communication in achieving the goal of patient-centered care.
Connectedness and Continuity
Large numbers of low-income Californians seek a more personalized healthcare experience. The Foundation funded a statewide survey of low-income Californians that confirms patients’ desire for a personal connection – one that, when established, offers compelling benefits for both patients and providers. The report’s findings also show that patients are open to new approaches to health care delivery, including the use of technology and team-based care.
California Community Clinics and Health Centers: Taking Initiative in a New Healthcare Landscape
To explore the challenges and opportunities presented by the Affordable Care Act, the Foundation commissioned the report California Community Clinics and Health Centers: Taking Initiative in a New Healthcare Landscape. The report provides outlines the changes community health centers will need to make in order to remain providers of choice within a newly competitive environment.
California's Community Clinics and Health Centers: the Online Conversation
To help community health centers learn from their patients, the Foundation commissioned the 2011 paper California's Community Clinics and Health Centers: the Online Conversation. The report highlights patient experiences at community health centers, and examines how social media and other online methods of communication can shape public perceptions of community health centers.
On the Cusp of Change
As health reform is implemented, community health centers  need to understand patient perceptions and decision-making in order to provide the best possible care to new and existing patient populations. The Foundation’s 2011 report, On the Cusp of Change, details the current healthcare experiences and future needs of low-income Californians, and their potential responses to expanded access to care under the Affordable Care Act.

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