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Foundation Funding to Address Domestic Violence in California

April, 2014

Eliminating domestic violence in California will require partnership and collaboration among leaders, advocates,and practitioners from local and state government,community organizations, and organized philanthropy.To enable this work, Blue Shield of California Foundation commissioned the Foundation Center to prepare this first-ever examination of the role of U.S.foundations in addressing domestic violence-related issues in California.

Allied Organizations, Domestic Violence, Domestic Violence Service Providers, Leadership, Partnership for Health, survey

National Approaches to Whole-Person Care in the Safety Net

March, 2014

An individual’s health is greatly influenced by the social and economic conditions in which they live, work, and play. Safety-net populations often experience a multitude of physical and behavioral health issues stemming from or amplified by psychosocial challenges such as housing instability, unemployment, and food insecurity, which influence access to care and health outcomes. There is a growing interest in better coordinating social services, behavioral health, health services, and public health in the safety net to create models of “whole-person care,” recognizing that vulnerable individuals often have unmet needs spanning multiple systems.

Community Health Centers, health care, Policy

Facilitating Care Integration in Community Health Centers: A Conceptual Framework and Literature Review on Best Practices for Integration into the Medical Neighborhood

March, 2014

This report, produced by the UCSF Center for Excellence in Primary Care, presents real-world examples of innovations, interventions, and models that community health centers (CHCs) have implemented to better integrate with their medical neighborhoods. The report also presents resources to help CHCs develop and implement their own strategies for care integration.  

Case Study, Community Health Centers, health care, Innovation