Our Programs

Blue Shield of California Foundation furthers solutions that ensure healthcare and domestic violence services reach those most in need. These two areas are interconnected and advancing them both keeps us focused on achieving our vision of a California in which everyone has what they need to be healthy and safe. 

Health Care and Coverage

Across California, Blue Shield of California Foundation champions the best and most effective healthcare programs, policies and practices serving those most in vulnerable. We believe that high-quality, integrated health care should be accessible in every community.

With projects in 52 of California’s 58 counties, we reach across the state to help California's safety net providers become better equipped to adapt to a changing healthcare landscape and increasingly diverse patient population. When healthcare works for those most in need, more California families can reach their full potential.

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Blue Shield Against Violence

Domestic violence is not a private problem, but an urgent public issue that we can all address. Blue Shield of California Foundation works to bring conversations about domestic violence out of the shadows and into the community, and helps to strengthen the organizations that support survivors in need. Ending domestic violence will require greater public dialogue, collaboration, and expanded options for the women, men, and families experiencing abuse so that no door is the wrong door to turn to for those seeking help.

Knowing that California can be a model for the rest of the country, we're working with strong partners and networks across the state to support the policies and practices that will bring us closer to a future free from domestic violence.  

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