Promoting Policies and Practices

Promising practices and strong partners in the policy arena are critical to advancing our mission to improve access to quality care across the safety net.

The Foundation was an early and consistent supporter of healthcare reform and was committed to advancing the policies and practices that would enable the state to successfully implement the law. Thanks to Medi-Cal expansion, the development of the largest healthcare exchange in the country, and the Low-Income Health Program (LIHP), more previously-uninsured adults than ever are now enrolled in coverage across the state.

Given the progess that has been made since implementation, support must now be focused on enhancing the ability of California’s safety net providers to respond to the influx of new patients while continuing to deliver high-quality care. This will require innovative care models and new payment methods that help move the system away from volume and towards greater value. To help achieve this, we're working to take advantage of policy opportunities that reorient reimbursement for publicly subsidized health care.

The Foundation continues to support projects, research, advocacy, and public awareness around the policies and practices the enable the ongoing transformation of healthcare in California. 

Learn more about promising policies and practices below: