Domestic Violence & Health Care Partnerships

Domestic violence is not a private issue, not just a women's issue, nor a single family issue; it is a public health epidemic that threatens the lives and well-being of everyone it touches. Exposure to abuse and trauma not only causes immediate physical harm, it also leads to poor mental health, increased risk of suicide, substance abuse, and chronic conditions like heart disease and stroke. Healthcare providers have a clear and critical role to play in upstream efforts to address, prevent, and ultimately end domestic violence. 

A Foundation-commissioned poll shows broad public support for doctors and nurses as trusted resources for survivors and key players in the early detection of abuse. Particularly for survivors who may not feel comfortable seeking traditional shelter services or know where to get help, healthcare providers can be important allies and advocates.

In effirt to bridge the divide between healthcare and domestic violence, the Foundation is funding a number of new cross-sector collaborations in regions across the state. By creating additional access points for screening and support, and promoting new partners within the healthcare safety net, the Foundation aims to create a broad, connected system of care that enables more Californians to live safer, healthier lives.

To facilitate these collaborations and catalyze ongoing systems change, the Foundation has partnered with Futures Without Violence to provide guidance, networking, and technical assistance to domestic violence and healthcare organizations as they undertake cross-sector partnerships for the very first time. Now in our third year of funding, the initiative has revealed important lessons, models, practices, and challenges. Take a look at the resources below to find out more. 

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Led by La Piana Consulting, the report below offers a lense into how these cross-sector collaborations are working together across the state. Importantly, it demonstrates how the healthcare sector can work with other community providers to expand and deepen the scope of services for all patients to achieve a more comprehensive vision of wellness. 

    → Collaboration for Integrated Services and Systems Change 

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 → Engaging the Healthcare System to End Domestic Violence

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    → Integrating Health Services into Domestic Violence Programs

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