Health Care and Coverage Publications

Mission Possible: Launching the San Joaquin Community Health Information Exchange

August, 2013

With the full implementation of the Affordable Care Act fast approaching, providers are getting ready by making changes... Read more »

Charting the Course - Career Paths Among Emerging Health Center Leaders

July, 2013

In this brief, we focus on the career paths of 94 participants from the first four program cohorts from the time of... Read more »

Leveraging Community Health Workers within California’s State Innovation Model: Background, Options and Considerations

July, 2013

This policy brief, commissioned by the California State Innovation Model (CalSIM) team of the California Health and Human... Read more »

Maintaining Clinic Financial Stability: Navigating Change, Leveraging Opportunities

June, 2013

This primer describes the current funding environment and factors that are shaping the future of California’s community... Read more »

More or Different? Rethinking the Need for Increasing the Supply of Primary Care Physicians in the Light of Health Reform

January, 2013

The primary care crisis is not only an opportunity to rethink the role of the primary care physician, but an opportunity... Read more »

After Millions of Californians Gain Health Coverage Under the Affordable Care Act, Who Will Remain Uninsured?

September, 2012

This report, prepared by the the UC Berkeley Center for Labor Research and Education and the UCLA Center for Health... Read more »

Empowerment and Engagement Among Low-Income Californians: Enhancing Patient-Centered Care

September, 2012

Patient empowerment and engagement are central to achieving more efficient care models and improved health outcomes. This... Read more »

Bridging the Divide Between Leadership Development & Organizational Outcomes

August, 2012

As part of their training, graduates of the Clinic Leadership Institute's Emerging Leaders program implement customized... Read more »

Community Clinic Core Support Initiative: 2011 Evaluation Findings

July, 2012

Blue Shield of California Foundation invested in this report to evaluate community health centers that received core... Read more »