Legacy Projects

As we refine our strategic focus, we are committed to sharing what we've learned along the way. Read below to hear more about where we've been, what we learned, and how we will continue to adapt our work to meet the needs of California’s communities.  

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Supporting Veterans and Military Families 

Of the almost two million Americans who have returned from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, many have come home with serious mental health conditions and injuries that make everyday life more difficult. Back on U.S. soil, these veterans need our help more than ever.

To do our part, the Foundation has invested more than $2 million in projects and organizations that are working to improve the way we support and respond to the needs of our veterans and their families. From piloting innovative re-integration models for vets on college campuses to new research on the correlation between family violence and post-traumatic stress, our investments aim to generate meaningful change and impact for military families across California, and beyond.

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The Working Committee on Waiver Development and Medi-Cal Expansion

The Working Committee on Waiver Development and Medi-Cal Expansion was a non-partisan group established in 2007 to probe how California could more effectively draw down federal dollars to help support expansion of healthcare coverage to more Californians.

Health reform plans proposed by California's leaders raised the issue of what role the federal government would play in financing coverage expansion. To help address this crucial question, the Foundation sponsored a committee of leading state and national healthcare experts who worked on a "global" Medi-Cal waiver, with considerable efforts aimed towards identifying funding for programs and services that maximized the amount of federal dollars the state received.

The California Technology Assessment Forum (CTAF)

Created in 2003, CTAF is s a nationally-recognized community forum dedicated to providing credible, evidence-based information about new and emerging medical technologies, treatments, and models of care. In 2013, the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review assumed leadership of CTAF, furthering its organizational mission of moving evidence into action to improve patient care and control costs.

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The California Healthcare-Associated Infection Prevention Initiative (CHAIPI)

In 2005, the Foundation provided $1 million in grants to support an innovative pilot project using new technology to identify and dramatically reduce healthcare-associated infections (HAIs). Working with nine hospitals, the Foundation created the California Healthcare-Associated Infection Prevention Initiative (CHAIPI) and saw promising outcomes from the 18-month pilot. In 2008, the Foundation committed an additional $3.5 million to expand the program to 51 hospitals across the state. CHAIPI program activity concluded in April 2010.

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Domestic Violence Workplace Training Program

The Domestic Violence Workplace Training Program, which operated within the Blue Shield Against Violence program area, ended in 2008. While the Foundation no longer engages in any grantmaking or program activty in this area, we continue to make available the program's online resource materials to help employers recognize and prevent the effects of domestic violence in the workplace.